Large Moving Kit (4+ Bedrooms)


This kit is ideal for large house removal, you get boxes of different sizes to pretty much accommodate everything in your house. This includes books, shoes, kitchen items, including small appliances, cutlery etc. You also get 2 x wardrobe cartons which save you the hassle of packing and unpacking. with the hanging rail on you simply move your garments from wardrobe to wardrobe. All our cartons can be easily assembled.

1 x Bubble (750mmx25m)
40 x boxes (18x12x12″)
20 x boxes (18x18x12″)
2 x Wardrobe Cartons (20x18x48″)
1 x Pack of Acid-free tissue paper (457 x 711)
6 x Brown Tape
6 x Fragile Tape
1 x Standard Tape Dispenser Gun

Weight 44.72 kg


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