Terms and Conditions

The present invoice and proposal or any, which follow hereinafter shall be subject to the payment terms and conditions below, read in conjunction with the standard terms and conditions of WE LUV REMOVALS (“WLR”), sent to the Invoiced party via email and available on the website www.weluvremovals.co.uk



  1. To confirm your booking, a deposit of 50% (or as may be mutually agreed) needs to be paid within 48 hours of the invoice being raised (‘the Deposit Amount’). The balance shall become due and payable 3 working days prior to the day of pick up, failing which WLR reserves the right to withdraw and/ or not accept the payment or be obliged to perform the agreement or provide the services in any manner whatsoever.
  2. In the event, the Client does not intend to carry on with the Services of WLR, the cancellation policy as detailed in the WLR Standard Terms & Conditions shall come into effect.  In the event, WLR has incurred any expenses, which are over and above the Deposit amount, the Client agrees and undertakes to pay WLR such amounts. 
  3. Any additional or incidental charges shall become due and payable by the Client immediately upon occurrence or at the time of payment of the Balance amount, at the discretion of WLR.
  4. By agreeing to the proposal of WLR and/ or acceptance of this Invoice and/ or payment of the Deposit amount the Client hereby declares that it has gone through the terms of the invoice and that also the standard terms and conditions of WLR. 
  5. All card payments, including debit card, will incur a 3% surcharge. When paying by card, full payment is to be made at the point of booking the move.

Standard Terms and Conditions 

The present terms and conditions form a binding agreement between We Luv Removals (hereinafter referred to as ‘WLR’) and the Client, (the details of the Client being recorded in the email of proposal and quotation sent by WLR to the Client).

For the purpose of referencing and clarity, the term(s) ‘You’ or ‘Your’ refers to the Client and the term(s) ‘We’, ’Us’ and ‘Our’ refers to WLR.


  1. WHEREAS the Client had approached WLR to avail its services, the details of which are provided on WLR’s website www.weluvremovals.co.uk (‘service(s)’/ ‘Service(s)’)
  2. AND WHEARAS; WLR has agreed to provide its services and has sent a formal proposal and quotation to the Client via email for the services sought by the Client.
  3. The Client has agreed to and approved the above-mentioned proposal and quotation and hence these terms and conditions:
  4. Goods refers to the items subject to service. Service refers to any agreed works carried out by WLR on the Client’s behalf and or as per their advice and the understanding between the Parties hereto.


Our Quotation is valid for twenty-six days from the date of issue and is based on the information supplied by You. Unless otherwise agreed, additional charges will apply, as explained hereunder and You agree to pay any additional charges unconditionally, and with any delay or demur, which arise from any or all the below circumstances:

  1. If the service cannot commence within twenty-six days of acceptance of Our quote by You, due to a delay on Your Part.
  2. If the Service is to be carried out on a Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holiday. Working days are from Monday to Friday.
  3. If You request to collect or deliver goods at any place other than the ground floor and first upper floor of the premises.
  4. In the event We need to create a safe and easy access/ passage for the purposes of providing Our services. Free movement at the entrance or exit of the premises, stairs, lifts, or doorways with mechanical equipment or structural alteration
  5. If the approach road and or driveway is unsuitable for Our vehicles and whereby We are unable to load and/or unload Our containers within 20 meters of the doorway.
  6. In case there are delays or events outside our reasonable control which increase or extend the resources or timelines to complete the agreed work.
  7. Where You add goods and increase the scope of service, after the quotation has been agreed to.


  1. Unless specifically agreed by us in writing, Our quotation doesn’t include the following services:
  2. Dismantling or assembling furniture of any kin except beds, however not including bunk beds, which shall be charged etc., in case We agree to dismantle it.
  3. Disconnecting, re-connecting, dismantling, or re-assembling of any kind of appliances, fixtures, fittings or equipment.
  4. Take up or lay fitted floor coverings.
  5. Move or store any items excluded under Clause E
  6. Assembling or dismantling of garden sheds, furniture and equipment, greenhouses, garden shelter, outdoor equipment, satellite dishes.
  7. Movement of goods to and from loft/attic not properly lit, floored or unsafe to carry out service

It is hereby understood that Our staff is not authorized or qualified to carry out such work as mentioned above or are outside the scope of services provided by WLR. We recommend that a properly qualified person is separately employed by You to carry out such services.


You hereby agree to the following among other covenants and obligations contained hereunder these terms and conditions:

  1. Obtain all documents, permissions, and necessary permits at Your own expense for us to carry out the service.
  2. Pay for all parking or meter suspension charges incurred by Us whilst carrying out the work for You.
  3. Be present or represented throughout the collection and delivery of the goods.
  4. You have the keys and other permissions to access both premises  and the Services will not be hampered due to these reasons.
  5. Sign or have an authorised representative sign the inventories, job sheets, receipts if any.
  6. Ensure that all reasonable steps are taken so that nothing is left behind or taken away in error.
  7. Arrange proper protection for goods left in unoccupied or unattended premises, or where other people such as (but not limited to) tenants or workmen are or will be present. We will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred.
  8. Ensure Refrigerators and Deep Freezers are empty, clean and properly defrost.
  9. Ensure that all domestic and garden appliances, including but not limited to washing machines, dish washers, hose pipes, petrol lawn mowers are clean and dry and have no residual fluid left in them.
  10. Arrange appropriate transport, storage or disposal of goods listed in clause E.
  11. Any incidental charges which result from non-compliance with the above will incur additional charges, which may be based on actuals and such fees as WLR will reasonable charge, which shall be at the sole discretion of WLR.


We will not accept below goods for removal or storage service under no circumstances as it poses risk to health and safety and fire. You agree to arrange storage and transportation of these items at your own expense.

  1. Potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition.
  2. Jewelry, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, mobile telephones, portable media and computing devices, stamps, coins, or goods or collections of any similar kind.
  3. Goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestation or contamination.
  4. Perishable items and/or those requiring a controlled environment.
  5. Any animals, birds fish reptiles or plants.
  6. Goods which require special license or government permission for export or import.
  7. Prohibited or stolen goods, drugs or pornographic material.
  8. WLR holds no responsibility or liability whatsoever in the event of Your non compliance with the above.


You hereby undertake, represent and warrant that:

  1. The goods are Your property and is free of any encumbrances or legal charge or claim from any third party and will not put WLR or any of its partners or employees in any difficulty of any nature whatsoever.
  2. If You are representing the owner of the goods You will need to show documentary evidence to that effect.
  3. You have the absolute authority of the owner or anyone having a legal interest in the goods to enter this agreement. You have made the owner aware of these terms and conditions to which they fully agree with.
  4. You agree to pay us in respect of any claims, charges and demands including legal costs arising from any claim made in relation to the goods by the owner or any third party.
  5. WLR shall not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever including but not limited to any of such claims and charges that may become a matter of dispute/ contention due to Your non compliance with the above.


Cancellation charges shall be paid by you, which shall be dependent on the number of days of notice or intimation given by You. For sake of clarity, see the table of such charges below:

    1. £45 plus VAT shall be charged by WLR, and payable by you towards processing fee, if you notify WLR, 10 or more days prior to the removal date.
    2. 50% of the Move Estimate if notified between 1 and 9 days prior to the removal date.
    3. 100% of the Move Estimate if notified on the day of the removal.
    4. In the event, any incidental/additional charges are incurred by WLR, amount(s) spent towards such charges shall become due and payable by you along with cancellation charges as mentioned herein above. 
    5. WLR reserves the right to deduct the cancellation and incidental/additional charges from the Deposit Amount. In the event, you have not paid the deposit amount before the cancellation has come into effect, you will pay the above amount(s) within 24 hours of such intimation.
    6. In the event, the cancellation and incidental/ additional charges are more than the deposit amount, you shall pay to WLR the balance amount within 24 hours of WLR raising a demand on you.

Change of Move Date charges shall be paid by you, which shall be dependent on the number of days of notice or intimation given by You. For sake of clarity, see the table of such charges below: 

  1. Zero Charges – Upto 5 working days prior to the moving date.
  2. £99 plus VAT shall be charged by WLR, and payable by you towards processing fee, if you notify WLR, within 5 working days of the moving date, (we acknoweldge times are really tough. However, this charge is levied purely to safeguard the business. Once a customer pays the deposit then the vehicle, crew, date and time slot are allocated to that customer and we refuse anyone who requires a move on that date and time slot. If for any reason the move doesnt happen on the alloted day, the business loses out as we are unable to fill in that slot and the resources are wasted. Despite the loss of revenue being quite substantial, regretfully we have to pass on a portion of the cost to the customer)


All our customers benefit from no additional key waiting charges until 2pm.
The waiting charge begins from 2.01pm onwards at an hourly rate of £99 plus vat per hour, this will be charged on a pro rata basis every 15 mins.
For clarification, the below is how the pro rata charges will look like
up to 15 mins – £24.75 plus vat
up to 30 mins – £49.50 plus vat
up to 45 mins – £74.25 plus vat
up to 60 mins – £99 plus vat
The charges will apply for every additional hour thereafter.

Late Key Waiver

The Late Key Waiver costs £149 plus vat. Late key waiver covers you until 5.30pm.
After this time, we will either take the contents back to the premises where we picked it up from originally or,
to a chosen location/storage of the customer, within 10 miles of the intended delivery location.
Should the move carry forward to the following or any other day, additional charges may apply.


Unless specifically agreed in writing, all payments will be done by you strictly in accordance with our quotation and/ or proposal, which formed the basis of this understanding.

There shall be no delay or demur in making the payment as per the agreed schedule. Charges shall be levied to the tune of £50 for each day of delay in making good the payment due.


    1. Since We are not in the business of evaluation of costs of goods, we will not be aware of the value of Your goods and assume no responsibility for the actual or estimated value of the same.
    2. It is hereby explicitly stated and understood between You and Us that we can assume liability of a fixed amount of £50 for each item which is either lost or damaged in the process of providing our Services. For clarity, if the item is a part of a set or pair, the liability still is restricted to £50 for the set or pair in question.
    3. If you wish to increase our limit of liability per item then you agree to pay a premium price for the services, which shall be a subject matter of a fresh quotation and proposal.
    4. Further, it is understood that even if there is a loss or damage to your goods due to any reason whatsoever or you claim us to be in breach of the understanding or this agreement, our liability is limited to £50 per item.
    5. Any loss or damage caused to the premises or property due to our negligence or us being in breach of contract, our liability is restricted to a maximum of £50 per premises.


We will not be liable for any damages caused to the goods, property, premises or the like for the reasons, which may be beyond our control or expectation, including but not limited to:

    1. Any loss or damage caused to your goods as a result of fire or explosion irrespective of how that fire or explosion was caused.
    2. Any loss or damage caused due to moth, vermin, infestation or contamination, circumstances arising due to an epidemic or pandemic.
    3. Any loss or damage of perishable items or those that require a controlled temperature or environment.
    4. We shall not be liable for any delays or failures to provide the service due to circumstances outside our control which include and not limited to war, fire, sabotage, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, civil disturbance, acts or restrictions, bylaws, prohibitions, or measures on the part of local or government authority, industrial disputes, embargoes, bad weather or equipment or vehicle breakdown or Acts of God.
    5. Any loss or damage caused where goods have been packed or unpacked by You or others.
    6. Any loss or damage caused due to radiation or radioactive contamination.

Any loss or damage caused due to changes in atmospheric conditions including but not limited to mould, mildew, rusting, tarnishing, dampness, corrosion or gradual deterioration unless directly attributable to our negligence.


You must provide us with the exact details of the loss or damage to the goods along with evidence including the amount claimed in writing, within 7 days of the delivery of the goods. We will not be liable under any circumstances post the expiry of 7 days after rendition of Our services to You.


“Lien” is the legal right of the remover to hold goods until the customer has paid all outstanding charges. If Our charges are not paid, we reserve the right to apply a lien on Your goods. The goods will be held until full payment is made. The terms and conditions of this contract will continue to apply. You will be responsible to pay all administration charges, costs, storage charges, legal costs and any other costs that we would have incurred in the process of recovering our charges and applying our right of lien.


Unless specifically agreed with us in writing, the services may not be exclusive. For clarity, We may use any additional or extra space in our vehicles to carry other goods or services.

If any charges remain outstanding for more than 30 days, We may give You a written notice of 30 days during which period you will need to pay any and all outstanding sums to recover Your goods, if We are holding them under ‘Lien’ and/ or for non payment.

If You fail to comply with the notice, we reserve the right to sell or dispose of the goods in part or in full immediately, to realize the amount due to Us. You will be responsible in full for any cost incurred by us towards the cost of sale or disposal as well. After having deducted all the outstanding charges owed to us any surplus leftover from the proceeds will be handed over to you without any interest, upon You signing a letter of waiver and no claims. This will constitute a final settlement between us.

Further, Goods that cannot be sold will be returned to you. If these are not collected within 30 days of intimation, they will be deemed as abandoned and will be disposed of according to Our best judgment and we will not be held liable for any claim towards these goods.


You must provide a postal address, email address and a correct telephone number to which all communications are directed to. Should there be any changes it is your responsibility to inform us of the change. All communication will be treated as served and received by email within 1 day of being sent by us. All postal correspondence will be sent to the address we have on file and it will be treated as served and received within 3 days of being posted by us. You will be charged for all costs incurred by us to establish your whereabouts.


Upon Your request we can provide you with a list of inventory, at additional costs, which will be decided at the time of request. If we undertake to do the inventory, such inventory shall be deemed as accurate unless you provide us with the accurate details of any discrepancy in writing within 7 days of receiving the list of inventory


WLR reserves the right to terminate for any reason whatsoever, without any claims or liability upon giving a 15 days notice to the Client. WLR may also terminate this agreement by giving a 7 days notice in the event of a breach of these terms or the understanding by the Client and in such an event WLR shall not be liable to refund any amounts that may have been received by WLR till the date of termination. If no amount has been received then You shall immediately pay 20% of the booking amount that became due and payable at the time of the booking.


If a dispute arises under this agreement in the United Kingdom that cannot be resolved amicably between themselves, the parties may then enter mediation through appointment of a third person/ party as a mediator who will be appointed by the managing director/ CEO of WLR. The said mediator will be of a good moral standing and repute. The cost of mediation shall be borne equally between WLR and the Client.

In case the dispute still remains unresolved, it may be referred by either party to the Conciliation Service provided by the Removals Ombudsman Scheme.

It is understood and agreed that the above does not prejudice the rights of either party to commence legal proceedings.